About Me

First and foremost I am disciple of Jesus Christ.  I am happily married to my husband for  almost 11 years, and we have twin boys and a toddler boy.  I have been a certified personal trainer for over 6 years but even if I am not working I love all things about a healthy lifestyle from nutrition, to holistic remedies, to different kinds of exercise to racing.  I am an avid runner and run 3-4 days a week.  I have a BA degree from The University of Central Florida in Liberal Studies specifically communications.  Human behavior has always been fascinating to me, and I love people.  As a Christian, I am always trying to share the Gospel even if it is by just being kind and loving to someone.  I believe showing Christ’s love is important.
I started this blog because my husband says I talk too much so I decided to focus my energy into a positive blog.  Most of my blog will be from my personal experiences and just things that I feel led to write about. I would love any feedback. Enjoy!



One Response to About Me

  1. Sasha says:

    Happy to connect with you!! 🙂

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