I use to think but now I know. (Late Birthday blog)

I have been blogging as a hobby and a way to express myself for about 2 years. So this year I wanted to write a birthday blog about thinking.

Depending on the kind of thinking you do, it can make or break you. As I align my thinking with God and His word, I have so much peace. I believed a lot of lies that the world threw at me. And the more I believed those lies, the more chaos showed up in my life.

1. I used to think people could not change, but now as living proof, I know everyone is capable of change. It’s a choice. Saying you can’t change is just an excuse. Sometimes it literally takes an act of God to change a person. Just like Jesus has changed me over the years. Trust me anyone CAN change. Pray for it, “with God anything is possible.” Matt 19:26

2. I used to think being popular was more important than doing the right thing. Another lie of the world that I believed. But now I know I will be persecuted for standing up for what is right.  That means I’ll have enemies. That no longer bothers me. People are flawed (especially me) and if my acceptance by people affects my conviction to do the right thing, then I am not who I say I am. “If God is for me who can be against me?” Romans 8:31

3. I used to think people could make me happy. But now I know they can not. Not my husband, my kids, family, friends. The key to happiness is seeking and having a relationship with Jesus. There are so many people who have let me down, crushed my spirit, betrayed me when I trusted them, lied to me, hurt me. But not Jesus. He has never forsaken me. He unselfishly was hung on a cross for me. There is no greater love.

4. I used to think religion meant faith. But now I know they are different things. You can have religion without faith and you can have faith without religion. But when you truly believe in God’s Holy word and have an experience with his being, faith grows. Religion has a negative connotation because people have tainted it. The Bible is God speaking to us. But he also lets us experience Him. That’s where faith comes in. Religion can be people trying to control others but true faith cannot be faked or controlled. It is authentic and powerful. Faith and religion the way God calls us to follow Jesus is amazing and life changing. Please do not let people ruin your seeking of God. He is good, it’s people that are messed up. (I’m Guilty, as charged.)

5. I used to think there is no hope for terrorists, liberals, prideful people to ever be saved. But now I know by the example of Saul who became Paul the apostle, any and everyone can find Christ and have a relationship with him. Saul persecuted and killed Christians and if he can change, anybody can too. I have faith and am praying that the fog of lies will be lifted from their faces so they can see the face of God one day. He tells us,”Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you.” Matt 5:44

Hope, faith and love. I live by these 3 things.

I will follow Jesus until the day I die. No matter what I have to give up, no matter who I must leave behind. He has called me and I have answered.

I have grown from last year’s battle and I am in full force on fire for Jesus. I hope you can experience his amazing love. All you have to do is make the choice because he wants you to be his family. You accept or reject Him. Choose life or choose death. Because sin leads to death but Christ leads you to eternal life.

Peace my friends.

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