This is my last blog post for the year. Like a lot of people, there are a lot of things I want to change next year. Some changes are willingness issues for me. Many of these changes I cannot do alone. So I will be asking for Jesus’ help.
The biggest change I am focusing on is serving my family. Oh, I can paint a picture of the cutest little family on facebook. But am I serving them the way I should be or do I just try to look like I do? Children are the greatest blessings but also the greatest challenges. God gave me three little bundles of joy, to care for, share life with and love unconditionally and sacrificially. I am grateful for each child and how He is using them to mold me into a better woman who relies much more on Jesus.

Here are things that I am focusing on this year:
1. Remember how blessed I am and keep hope in Jesus, as I have eternal life through Him.
2. Teach my boys the truth of God’s love with my actions instead of just words.
3. Be satisfied and grateful with the season I am in, even on sick days.
4. Live in the moment, not the past, not the future, just the moment.
5. Humble myself before God- my pride needs to go, it holds me back from greater blessings.
6. Get back into inspiring others with fitness and encouragement.

One of my goals this year 2014 was to write 12 blog posts. It has been a very blessed but challenging year but I achieved this goal. We moved, I had my third child, I am facing things from my past that hold me back from God’s will for me. I have learned and changed selfish behaviors and reconnecting with my fun self that I forgot about. Being my real self is going to be beneficial to everyone, especially my children. I’m not perfect and I still fall short on many things. But I have hope everyday because of Christ. I am less fearful, and much more confident in God’s promises. This year He has more than blessed our family, finances and marriage despite my imperfections, disobedience, and failures. God never leaves nor forsakes me.

Here’s to another year of seeking Jesus and living fully without fear. Thank you Jesus for each day I am given. Friends, I hope you take risks and prayerfully find your truth in the coming new year. Next year I plan on blogging more about fitness and family since this year was my first year blogging mostly about my spiritual walk. Peace to you.

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