Sixth sense- The ability to believe

I was reading a devotional by Billy Graham and it inspired me to write about faith. It said that the ability to believe is a sixth sense that God has placed in every one of us. Now, many people believe in something but a lot of people choose not to read or believe God’s word. They miss out on the greatest gift we have been given and that is forgiveness of sin through Jesus Christ. God gave us a way out.

I find it funny that some really intelligent scientists are unable to believe the proof that is not only in the Bible but the historically accurate books that align with the Bible. Caesar is in the Bible. And many kings. How can this old book that has proven to have been around for 1000’s of years not be real? It’s their lack of belief. Their choice to ignore the truth, the inkling that it is real and if it is, many people have chosen doom over salvation. I believe fear is the root of disbelief. 1 John 4:18

We all have people, scholars, teachers, etc who have influenced us. But sometimes that influence is not necessarily right. We are human and we sin, we believe lies, and if we are passionate about those lies, others will believe them too. Looking back on my life, I know I have influenced others to do the wrong thing, and I regret it. I pray that those people will have their own walk with Christ into the light of truth that He alone can bring. I have turned from those ways but it is a battle everyday. I no longer want to to hide from the truth. I want to take my passion to let people know God’s amazing love and grace. But without the Gospel of Jesus, we would all be doomed to hell. Praise The Lord for a way out of this mess!

Fear is really the cause of many things, and Satan uses our fears to convince us to be selfish, hurt others, and not believe how great our God really is. One thing I don’t understand about non believers who have heard the Gospel, is knowing about Jesus and the gift he gave for us, how can you not want it? I don’t understand. HE FORGIVES OUR SINS. He makes a way for us to have a real relationship with the almighty God. 1Col 1:17-18 He came to earth for one purpose to redeem our lost souls and pay the cost of our sins. It is a beautiful, amazing sacrifice that I, as a selfish human, cannot grasp sometimes.

The inherent need to feel loved, cherished and accepted comes from God. So I pray that every person I meet will meet Jesus, accept his love and truly experience the life God calls us to live. I will, at least raise 3 men who know unconditional love from me and I will explain to them how Jesus loves them more deeply than I ever can. If that is all I do in this life, then surely I have done my job. I use my sixth sense because I believe God’s word and feel his presence in my life. Life is messy, hard and full of trials but with my faith, I will never give up. May you find your ability to believe and search the Bible and have a real relationship with God through the redemption Jesus has given us. Peace to you my friend.

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