Becoming a mother; sacrificial love

Mothers, they help the world go round. The hardest part of motherhood is sacrifice.SS Twins 5a

I never understood how beautiful the female body really was until I became pregnant,(with twins). It did not feel real, like the miracle it is, until I saw those little tiny babies in a sonogram. And my heart was stolen. I knew that there would be sacrifice not only of my body, but my time, my life, my identity.

We all have mothers whether we know them, or maybe are not close to them but one thing you should know-that person selflessly loved you at one point. Enough to carry, nurture, and change her body forever.
I love my new body, after my twins were born I got back into shape and have been in the best shape of my life because I eat healthier, in order to teach my kids to live healthy lives. I work harder, I exercise, not just for me but for my children. As a mother, I have come to understand the beauty of motherhood and that sacrifice is essential to love them unconditionally.

From the moment we find out we are with child, it starts. We sacrifice our bodies, our energy, our favorite foods (that could possible harm our unborn baby). We fall asleep at work, on the couch after church, in a friends house. Our body is changing; our hormones are raging, and despite the struggle there is an innate sense of joy.

Once the baby is born, we will do anything to take care of them, provide, give them the clothes off our back, the food off our plate. We will suffer to make our children happy. I remember when they were infants and I just was exhausted from feeding every 3 hours, burping, changing, laundry, trying to eat and drink enough. And I just remember Sammy having a fever and me just holding him crying my eyes out. I was praying and asked God to make me sick so my baby did not have to suffer. I am now pregnant with #3 and I would readily die for any of my children. To me, that is fascinating. I thought I was the most selfish person and those tiny babies made me feel so deeply that I would do anything to take away their pain. That’s how much God loves us, and becoming a mom made me realize that.

There are other mothers too who nurture and love just as much even if they cannot have a child. Adoption mothers, foster care mothers, spiritual mothers, step mothers. Each of these ladies are just as important in a child’s life as a natural mother. Some women are unable to carry their own but that does not mean they do not choose to sacrifice for a child in need. I have much respect for all these women. Spiritual mothers can also be natural mothers. They have a huge impact on helping someone grow in their faith. Especially when a person maybe did not have a great childhood and need a mother in adulthood to help them press on through the trials of life.

I think both my mother and mother in law exemplify this sacrifice. They are both selfless, humble, and extremely loving. When I think of impact on this world I think of all the mothers, whether it be your grandmother, aunt, sister, friend, or you. Even if you are not a mother just the amazing fact that we have the power to give life, love, nurture and impact children for the glory of God.

Now, that is phenomenal. So, next time you see a mother struggling with her kids in the supermarket, say something nice, like “You are amazing”, or “keep up the hard work”.  We need that encouragement and love.  Because without mothers, none of us would be here.

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